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What Junko

Produce By Okushibasyoten



◉Authentic, additive-free shrimp stock from Hokkaido◉

Raw ingredients simply ground, capturing the unique umami flavor in every stock pouch.

Completely additive-free. Use as broth by submerging pouch OR as seasoning

by emptying pouch contents.

Make new memories, please enjoy Okushiba Junko.

Big 16packs ¥2,380
Smail 6packs ¥980

The taste of “Umami”, a Japanese flavor to be enjoyed worldwide.

Okushiba Junko confidently conveys the true “taste(umami)” to the world.

The taste of my youth,

named after my mother.

What's Okushiba Junko.


In Japanese cuisine it serves as the decisive factor of taste and is an important foundation, which is “Dashi (soup stock)“.

Soup Curry Shrimp juice from Okushiba Shoten is a very historical soup stock handed down from grandparents over three generations.

The product name "Oshishiba Junko" is the name of a real person, who is the person who has inherited Shrimp juice and is the current company’s president mother's name.

Soup curry Okushiba shop usually takes juice from 2,000 shrimps every day, but the materials used are selected carefully, so it is extremely expensive to create on your own.

This Oshishiba Junko reproduced the taste with dashi(soup stock) pack so that you can easily taste Shrimp soup at Okushi Shoten even at home.

This Okushi Junko uses high-quality shrimp and kelp from Hokkaido. It is safe to consume because it is completely additive free and is made in Japan.

Shrimp soup stock is very popular in Japan, but the production of soup packs is very difficult and expensive, so this Okushiba Junko is very rare.

The soup stock is not just the thing that makes the food delicious.

Many of the nutrients contained in the soup stock have positive effects on one’s body. Consuming the soup stock can have beneficial effects on health promotion and beauty.

Why don't you taste the deliciousness while feeling the background of Japanese history?


How to make basic soup stock
 Okushiba Junko 1packs
 Hot Water 600~800ml
 Put a packet in boiling water with bubbles coming out from the bottom of the pan, simmer for 10 minutes over medium heat, and take it out.

   Please take this product by tearing the bag and sprinkling it on your favorite food as seasoning.

アンカー 1
アンカー 2

Certifiable by traditional

long-established restaurant


Teuchi  Soba Syochikuan Masukawa

A long-established old shop of hand-made soba holding a store in Kanda, Tokyo.


Mr. Yuu Makawa, a general of the eighth generation of Shochikuan Masukawa, founded in 1830 year, the first year of Tempo, supervised the recipe using Okushiba Junko.

It is a strong and unique soup that will go well with any kind of food. We are supported by restaurants and people who have been in the industry for decades.  

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